One may believe art and technology are classical antonyms. Well, thinking about the digital art of the likes of Kim Laughton, the video installations by Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho (don’t miss their pavilion at the Biennale) for example or the perfectly 3D-printed garments by Noa Raviv and you’ll quickly notice that art and technology do have a really harmonic relation.

Another perfect exemplar is the latest Xperia Z3 series. The illustrators Shinpei Hasegawa (Tokyo), Jan Feliks Kallwejt (Warsaw) and Vesa Tapani Sammalisto (Berlin/Helsinki) thought about the characteristics of their cities and visualized it on the backs of the Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. For the Berlin edition illustrator Sammalisto got some prominent support: Presenter and actress Palina Rojinski chose her favorite places and curated Sammalisto’s artwork. And the result is just amazing! The best: There are four different colors available. Sounds good, right?

Berlin_Colored-9be18a5f841e0725c0b5dc1e6cdd5029Vesa-Sammalisto-b4245a783fd2dcd25df4b2ca3260c4bcXperia Z3 for Berlin inspired by Palina_kupfer 1 Xperia Z3 for Berlin inspired by Palina_silbergrÅn 1  Xperia Z3 for Berlin inspired by Palina_alle Farben Xperia Z3 for Berlin inspired by Palina_kupfer 2

And the design for Tokyo:

Print shinpei_hasegawa2-4c37b17dd6eac74e8e6dc870d21584b4SONY_XPERIAZ3compact-orange-illustrated-HighRes-aa9e552f58a12b002b6ee7a68675441e

And last but for sure not least – Warsaw:

Warsaw_Colored-8ccec730572bc761cb7314eb7e34900c Jan-Kallwejit-b1f2c28831646800c35b2cea36bdbeefSONY_XPERIAZ3tab-black-illustrated-HighRes-12560734e73c592239fdf37d560f3cff

Find out more about Sony’s “StadtTalente” project and shop your favorite piece of the limited edition!


By Marieke Fischer