Stella McCartney has once again up staged the fashion industry in sustainability, announcing that her company will partner with Parley for the Oceans for her next collection. Focusing on the development of innovative ways to recycle ocean plastic into yarn fibre, Parley for the Oceans is campaigning for more designers to consider their fabrics.

The partnership will see McCartney replace all woven garments with Parley materials and commit to recycling polyester into shoes, handbags and outerwear.

McCartney’s innovative and sustainable discussion to use Parley fabrics brings forth the notion that eco products can truly be considered luxury materials. In a statement to The New York TimesMcCartney addresses the concerns that her brand will shift from luxury by comprising with environmentally conscious fabrics. “Is a recycled plastic ever going to be something people think is a luxury? If they don’t notice it and if they feel that living on this planet longer is a luxury, then yes, to me that’s my idea of luxury,” says McCartney.

Founder of Parley for the Oceans, Cyrill Gutsch said in an interview with CR that she hoped that the collaboration will address the need for alternative fabrics in the fashion industry and encourage other luxury houses to make the switch. The sustainable eco collective previously collaborated with Adidas to create UltraBOOST fleet made from Parley Ocean Plastic.

“Stella McCartney is not only a fantastic designer, she is a pioneer of creative activism. Her work has changed the industry,” says founder Cyrill Gutsch. “She will expedite our strategy of making Ocean Plastic™ the new standard for the fashion and luxury industry.”

The collaboration is set to be released in July.




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