Our/Berlin Vodka KPM


This December, vodka brand Our/Berlin and porcelain manufacturer KPM come together in a fresh collaboration to bring you the finest respectively – of premium vodka and hand-crafted porcelain. An authentic collaboration, called “Handmade in Berlin”,  by these two original Berlin brands. The passion for handmade perfection, combined with the tradition of KPM Berlin and the young distillery of Our/Berlin Vodka, strives for the highest calibre of both products.

Our/Berlin Vodka KPM

Berlin acts as a source of inspiration for both KPM and Our/Berlin Vodka, as the vodka is distilled in the micro distillery in Kreuzberg from Berlin water, German wheat and a specially developed yeast culture. The vodka features mildness and purity, as well as a slightly fruity note, a handmade product closely linked to the creative pulse and diversity of Berlin. Visually, the 350 ml bottle impresses with its clean minimal look.

The hand-made concrete tray by KPM is created for all Berlin lovers, and inspired by the KPM laboratory porcelain from the 19th century. KPM’s chief designer Thomas Wenzel created new pieces with a timeless design in the multifunctional LAB series.