Photography Marlen Stahlhuth

Musas Musas, das sind Julia und Albina. Gemeinsam betreiben sie ihr Blog, das von Mode, Beauty, Popkultur und Events erzählt. Dinge, die man eben mit seiner liebsten Freundin bespricht, so wie es auch Albina und Julia sind. Die beiden sind allerdings so vieles mehr als Bloggerinnen und, allen voran, Freundinnen: sie sind echte Powerfrauen, die es schaffen auch außerhalb der Grenzen ihrer Wahlheimat Berlin mit Stil und einer gewaltigen Portion Spaß zu begeistern. Frauen ganz nach unserem Geschmack.

Are you muses to each other?

Yes that’s  why we chose to call the blog MusasMusas.

What’s the best part of being Musas Musas?

Having a creative platform that is all about our beloved topics: Fashion, friendship and events. We both have a different cultural background and mixed friendscircle which we love sharing on our blog. Embrace diversity!


Do you have a “that’s our thing”-thing?

Albina: I’m Here With Daliaaa!

Julia: I’m Here With Albinaaa!

The best thing of the other?

Albina: She encourages me to stick to my ideas and not loose hope.

Julia: She is truly funny and full of ideas. Sometimes her mind holds a working version of mine. She has evaluated what I am saying and is pre-processing everything. That can be scary. Albina is destined to be great.

Which decade is the most inspiring fashion-decade for you?

Julia: Now, because I can look back and be inspired by any decade.

Albina: Late 80ies, early 90ies.


A trend you would rather see eliminated?

Albina: Definitly the 60ies, can’t deal with the “Jacky Kennedy” Look.

Julia: Socks in Sandals and Sneakers With Heels.

The most overrated place in Berlin?

Albina: Revalear Street!

Julia: The Real Estate Market.

What’s the next big exciting thing for Musas Musas?

There is a lot on our minds. Stay excited!

Fotos via Instagram

Opening picture taken with Sony Xperia Z3