Loni Baur Kaviar Gauche Make Up Look SS18 Beauty Trend


Having worked all over the world as one of fashion’s leading make-up artists, Loni Baur certainly is no stranger to experimental and unique make-up looks and beauty ideals. With an expansive work experience and knowledge of all things beauty, Loni has quickly carved out her own distinct spot in the industry, working for numerous fashion magazines as well as clients such as Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, and Prabal Gurung. But despite her tight connection to the fashion and beauty world, she has nonetheless kept a somewhat refreshing approach to her profession – one that acknowledges the superficial yet focuses on an more profound approach.

“We prefer characters instead of pretty faces. The freedom and power to NOT wear a lot of makeup is the ultimate power statement for everyone,” she says of her perception of the industry today. Having just been in charge of Kaviar Gauche’s make-up look at the brand’s show during Paris Fashion Week supported by make-up brand Catrice, it was exactly that approach she channelled into her work, “I have created a look that is quiet sensual and feminine, still featuring a strong twist. The face has a bit of golden highlighter but the rest of the face is almost clean, because the choice and confidence to not wear a lot, is the ultimate power statement for women.”

Loni Baur Kaviar Gauche Make Up Look SS18 Beauty Trend

While Paris, she says, is the city leaving the face the most natural and New York the city most focused on a sophisticated finish and overall perfection, Berlin is the one to watch if you’re on the hunt for a fresh, unique take on make-up like Loni herself: “It’s all about the individuality and a little bit of strangeness. You will find the most inspiring looks on the streets here. I love Berlin for that. Some women just don’t care and try something very unusual.”

With beauty ideals that seem to be increasingly shifting towards carving your face into the unrecognisable, Loni says next season will also see greater interest in uniqueness and enhancing your own distinct features: “It’s very much about authenticity and individuality of the girls. The biggest trend is about showing self-confidence and makeup statements that are a bit unexpected. Makeup can be artistic, weird, inspiring and unusual but should never be too polished or turn a face into a wax figure. This is a trend that still only exists on Instagram.”

Also predicting unusual eye lines, be it out or inside the eye, and an overall “positively healthy and fresh face” as the biggest beauty trends for the next season, we have asked Loni to give us a quick run-through of the Kaviar Gauche show make-up not only underlining the face but also individuality.

Photography by Toni Passig