JIL SANDER Wim Wenders film SS2018


Wim Wenders, the iconic German filmmaker has made his first advertising campaign in collaboration with minimalist fashion house Jil Sander – and while the first film of the series was already released in November, the still life imagery has now followed. The campaign promotes Jil Sander’s Spring Summer ’18 collection, which made its debut at a fashion show at Zaha Hadid’s tower in Milan back in September of last year.

Jil Sander, the brand already synonymous with chic tailoring and luxe fashion recently underwent a restructuring, with power couple Lucie and Luke Meir being named as creative directors of the company. Years of experience at iconic labels– from Dior to Supreme – sit behind the duo and have helped them reimagine Jil Sander as a more accessible brand.

Jil Sander fashion advert campaign

Their new advertising campaign further cements this. Set in Berlin, the film showcases the new fashion line in a playful yet mature manner. Jil Sander claim that the film is “an ode to the purity of emotion and the delicate balance between innocence and sophistication”. The plot loosely follows a trio who all seem to be locked in a world we can’t fully grasp. Travelling between places, from an apartment block overlooking the city to besides a lake, the viewer is left “suspended in time and space”.

Jil Sander fashion advert campaign

Wenders seems to be toying with the cinematic gaze, by having all three characters watching each other from different vantage points. In true Wim Wenders style, the commercial evokes romanticism, sophistication and mystery. Viewers are kept in the dark about the full story thanks to Wenders’ decision to pause scenes at pivotal dramatic moments.

Already known for its signature white shirt, the film shows off a standout piece from Jil Sander’s Spring Summer collection: a striking, shiny ivory- coloured polyester and polyurethane shirt.

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