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It is no secret that vintage has been the new black ever since we can remember. Locating a vintage gem in an overstuffed second hand store can mean to kiss many frogs before finding the true prince. But at last when your stomach begins to tingle and the sparks overtake your whole body, the newfound discovery feels like a real accomplishment.

Vintage clothes have a certain aura around them. It’s the stories behind them, beyond imagination, the magic of bygone times and those distinct aesthetics. They are one of the most sustainable choices too – apart from wearing nothing. Hence, we are all deeply in love with vintage clothes. We love how they look, we love how they feel – and the cuts! However, sometimes the relationship to vintage can be really hard, not to say disappointing. For the greater part, it is more a question of luck paired with an intense investigation of time and patience – which most of us don’t have, nowadays. Luckily for all digital natives among us, a new option to shop vintage clothes has evolved, working via Instagram. Come this way for the best vintage online and Instagram shops out there:

Collection N°2

This one is really special since it is the only German online shop in this list of recommendations. Founded by Leipzig based Karoline Degering, Collection N°2 is a contemporary vintage online shop with carefully selected collections of vintage, secondhand, second season, and handmade pieces. Moving between feminine and masculine, between minimalism and eye catchers, Collection N°2 offers a wide range of all-time favourite designers, high street highlights as well as no name vintage. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter: Once some news by Collection N°2 hit your inbox, your heart will leap for joy.

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Lisa Says Gah

We all know and love Lisa Says Gah. But only a few of us are aware that the popular online shop from San Francisco not only curates a lovely selection of designers and an own line but also has a variety of vintage clothes to offer. Feminine, French and with a great portion of the Californian sun, the dresses, blouses, skirts, and accessories always look airy and fresh. Lisa Says Gah was founded by Lisa Bühler some time ago after she decided to share her love of saying “Gah” with the rest of the world: “For us, saying Gah goes hand in hand with that powerful, yet elusive, ‘I’ve GOT to have it’ feeling.” Fair enough. Gah!

Les Fleurs

Les Fleurs is an Instagram only shop – which means you can directly shop on Instagram. Just send a DM in time and the vintage piece of your dreams is yours. Les Fleurs is based in Madrid, a city that has been known for its fantastic independent labels for a while. Furthermore, one of its founders is Instagram star María Bernad who you might know from the last &Other Stories campaign. She is also the one to be spotted in the shop’s latest drops, of course.

NA NIN Vintage

The Americans have the hang of it. NA NIN is another fabulous vintage online shop based in Richmond. It was founded in 2009 by Kate Jennings as a vintage clothing line. NA NIN has pulled inspiration from music, travel, family, and friends, traveled to thrifts and estate sales in the U.S. as well as flea markets and consignments of over 30 other countries. Since 2014, NA NIN also offers its own fragrances as well as an assortment of other beloved designers such as Paloma Wool or Laura Lombardi. The Instagram accounts of NA NIN are probably even more known than the project itself. This is why most of the items are sold directly via Instagram. And again, hurry up is the name of the game!

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Based in Portland, IAMTHAT features an amazing mix of vintage and vintage designer clothes. Thanks to simple yet outstanding styles, IAMTHAT has gained fans all around the world since its founding a little more than one year ago. Actually, each new item is sold out immediately after being put on Instagram – but by commenting your ZIP code you can reserve a piece just for yourself if you are a lucky bee and among the first commentors.

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