OK peeps, we need to start a petition for a redesign of WhatsApp emojis by Hattie Stewart. Hattie is an artist, illustrator and doodler from London and we believe her pink version of the smiling turd should be an essential part of written communication. We plead for cute turds, twinkling bananas and saucer-eyed hearts in instant messaging! Actually those hearts would also come in really handy in real-life, because we honestly never got why love is blind. Just think of the amount of heartaches avoided with hearts having only teeny-tiny eyes to see where they were going?! Now imagine hearts having huge eyes like Hattie’s hearts, what a happy place the world would be. Luckily, as this is probably not going to be a body mod available soon, there’s Hattie’s Instagram-world full of psychedelic happiness. There’s flamingos dancing the Cancan and magazine covers she improved with her doodling skills, oh and leather biker jackets with her designs on the back, that we would most likely give our firstborns for.

Not convinced? Check this out:

hattie-stewart-instagram-girlgram-2 hattie-stewart-instagram-girlgram-3hattie-stewart-instagram-girlgram-4 hattie-stewart-instagram-girlgram-5 hattie-stewart-instagram-girlgram-6 hattie-stewart-instagram-girlgram-7 hattie-stewart-instagram-girlgram-8 hattie-stewart-instagram-girlgram-9
All pictures from @hattiestewart

By Katharina Nöstlinger