The 23 year old, London based photographer, Maisie Cousins redefines femininity. Celebrating the elements of the female form, flesh and oozing bodily fluids, cousin melds new ideas about feminism, nature, impulse and arousal in her stunningly vibrant portraits. Each image equally seductive and repulsive, in all the right ways.

Cousins began her career by blogging her work online at the age of 15. Eventually she grew past Tumblr and went on to shoot for Polyester zine, contribute to Petra Collins’ Babe, work on the project “Rude Images” held at the Tate Britain (which got a stamp of approval from Jefferson Hack)“In all honesty, I think it’s pretty tough and competitive being a photographer today,” she says to Dazed. “It’s very easy to be exploited by big companies and magazines, but with social media and the internet you can stretch out your audience with your own control and push it in the direction you want. Photography seems to be the biggest way of globally communicating these days.”

Cousins studied at Brighton University and left frustrated because of the traditional approach to photography. She went on to create a more experimental practise, which quickly redefined her signature style. Her work centres around intimate crops and human imperfections. In this way, Cousin celebrates both the weird and the wonderful-

To check out more of her work visit her website here

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By Cheyenne Tulsa