This year Swiss jewelry brand Chopard is celebrating 20 years of partnership with the Festival de Cannes: to mark this anniversary the brand unveiled its new collection of unisex perfumes using fair trade ingredients, WWD reported. It was presented by the co-president and artistic director of the brand Caroline Scheufele and Livia Firth, the founder of the sustainability consulting firm Eco-Age – the latter has been collaborating with the luxury brand for 5 years now.

Eco-Age’s Livia Firth has decided to go even further: she’s currently organizing a special event to reward those brands who are choosing the green path. In fall, Milan will be the witness of the first Green Carpet Fashion Awards at the Scala Opera house where brands such as Gucci or Valentino will be amongst those participating – and maybe even Chopard?

Even though the fashion and jewelry industry is not changing as fast as it should in the field sustainability, more and more brands are getting aware of the importance. So does Chopard: their jewels are made out of fairmined diamonds and luxury metals. Also the annual Palme Trophy (made by Chopard) has been crafted of ethically collected gold since 2014 – this year, Chopard will add fair trade diamonds to the prestigious award.

From May 29th, the sustainable perfumes will be available at the Moscow department store Tsum and will then hit selected retailers in other countries accross the world.