Every two years the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin (boasting the biggest theatre stage in the world) presents a new show with lots of spectacular performances by dancers or acrobats and impressive costumes, light effects and special sound designs. Right now, The One Show is being performed, enchanting crowds with unique costumes designed by haute couture genius Jean-Paul Gaultier himself. We had the honour of taking a look behind the scenes, and brought back some exclusive photos.

The french designer has finally made his childhood dream come true: designing a cabaret show. Gaultier states “I have dreamed of working on a revue ever since I was a little boy. I had seen the premiere of Folies Bergère on TV at my grandmother’s. The following day, I got into trouble at school for drawing girls with feathers and fishnet stockings”.

The man who made marine striped shirts haute couture designed 500 costumes for the 100 performers of the show, sometimes even accordingly to some dancers and perfomers own body types. Fake tattoo overalls, anatomically printed ‘secondskins’ and the famous cone bra that made Madonna famous are among the legendary designs of the french couturier without forgetting the marine stripes or some punkish crazy hairstyles.

Loads of Swarovski glitter, colourful and feathered accessories and fetish outfits are being displayed on stage, making the show a true tribute to the designers vision and creativity. The show begins with an underground party in an old cabaret. the dancers and performers one by one come to the front of stage dancing and partying around, showing off their crazy costumes, some with graffitis of the Berlin Wall, others with over exaggerated female curves or leather BDSM looks.

The main character, one of the partygoers, gets lost in the craze of the party and wanders off in a daydream through the acrobat performances and choreographies. Everything goes wild around him, fire is brought on the stage and the ground dissolves beneath him, until he meets this female character who enchants him and reveal herself as being ‘The One’ he had been looking for.

The show is set to run until mid-2018, for more info click here.

All pictures by Tereza Mundilova.