Airbnb Paris Experience


Navigating Paris can result in spending hours wandering the cobbled streets of Le Marais in search for a boutique a mutual friend recommended to you over your fifth glass of wine the night before. With every storefront, café and narrow alleyway looking as beautifully confusing as the last, it can seem daunting finding the perfect way to experience the city of light. Strap on your woollen beret and prepare to explore the hidden gems of Paris with Airbnb. Taking the tourist aspect out of Paris, Airbnb have provided us with a great selection of genuinely Parisian fashion experiences to help you easily haggle your Euros on quality vintage, construct unique keepsakes and skip the lines of tourist hotspots in favour of insider workshops and events.

Discover everything from vintage to high-end fashion in Le Marais

To save you the time of wandering the streets searching for one of vintage, sign up for super host Stephane’s tour of genuine Parisian stores dotted amongst the 3rd arrondissement. Taking you on a walking tour of one of the busiest fashion hotspots in the city, Stephane provides an insight into sourcing quality garments. From high-end one off boutiques to hole-in-the-wall vintage shops, you’re guaranteed to find a piece you’ll fall in love with. Paris really is the city of love once you’ve located an original first season Givenchy coat.

Design your own jewellery

Rather than leaving Paris with only a cliché Eiffel tower key chain and the remains of a Nutella crepe on your stripped t-shirt, sign up for traditional jeweller Mona’s experience and leave with an irreplaceable pendant, bracelet or earrings hand crafted by you! Located in her Parisian atelier beside the famous Place des Vosges, the workshop provides insight into the art of jewellery making. What better way to tell the story of your souvenir from Paris than to say you learnt the tricks of the trade while sipping on French wine overlooking one of the most decadent places in Paris.

Find a perfectly tailored look and attend an industry event

Where else to redefine your style than in one of the most fashionable cities in the world! Elodie takes you on a two-day experience to help you find the perfect style to suit your body shape and personality. Get the french fashion insight starting with a trip to a showroom where a stylist will help you determine the best colours and silhouettes for you. Navigate the shops of Canal Saint Martin and Le Marais like a true Parisian with the help of Elodie and her design team. If you’ve been searching for the perfect outfit straight from the finest french designers, this is where you’ll find it. End the experience with an invite to an industry event where you’ll mingle with designers, shop owners and PR agents.

Discover the world of the corsetry

Besides being known worldwide for their irreplaceable pastries and smooth wine, the French are also renowned for creating divine lingerie. Learn the history of corseting and discover your workshop leader’s passion for creating one-off lingerie designs, through intimate group conversations about how she began in the industry as well as the technicalities of constructing the garment. Located beside Canal Saint Martin, Blandine’s Airbnb workshop will leave you filled with knowledge and a new love for lingerie.

Shop and learn about African culture’s influence on fashion

If you’re looking for an authentic Parisian tour, step away from the Eiffel Tower and into the real streets of Paris to learn about how African culture has become a prevalent part of the city. With a personal tour by the founder of Nothing But The Wax, a publication celebrating African fashion and black beauty, you’ll discover the African fashion industry in amongst one of the busiest hidden areas of Paris. Discover another beautiful side of Paris by wandering the streets of Château Rouge and La Goutte d’Or and learn about the history of Senegalese tailors and African designers as well as the immigration of African people into Paris.


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