There is a mystical, almost spiritual aura that seems to be surrounding  vōx, intertwined with everything the Los Angeles based singer and visual artist does. Her hair is fire-read, her hands are sprinkled with tattoos, and her message is one that celebrates depth and womanhood both personally and on a bigger scale. “I was born”, the first single of her namesake EP focused on the topic of personal rebirth, the full album, which was released yesterday, touches on “my anxiety, my self-doubt, the ways I’ve changed, and how I’ve found courage”, vōx explains.

interview vōx ep i was born material magazine

Topics, the singer not only visualizes through her sound but especially touches on with her visual language. She shows her naked body as something vulnerable and complex, not altered to hide its weaknesses, but embraced as something almost holy, covered with a lace veil. “I like things that contradict each other, so I love purity in the form of nakedness. It’s not sex, but you might be seeing all of my skin. It’s my true form. I like it if you’re uncomfortable. That means it’s really affecting you”, vōx says of her aesthetics. In a world where women often are still made believe to be ashamed of their naked body, her message is one especially impact-heavy. “For me, femininity is the ultimate power. And I’m feeling most feminine when I’m on stage, giving all of myself”.

interview vōx ep i was born material magazine

For her elusive live-shows, vōx likes to invite her listeners into churches, presenting herself covered with a crown and veil, only intensifying that mystique aura and not afraid of laying open her own demons. “Church is a strange place for me, so what drew me to it was the energy. I was raised in church, but I always felt unwelcome. It’s a source of a lot of my anxiety, so it’s the ultimate show of power to perform there. The atmosphere is pure, bright, focused.” A power she then channels into her appearance as well as her alt-heavy voice – which dominates not only her musical style but her whole artistry. “vōx means voice in Latin. And my sound is very vocal heavy. I love layered harmonies and vocoder. Hip hop is also a huge inspiration for the drums and the beats that I am drawn to.”

Maybe her song “I Still Care”, which was released at the end of March, best puts into words and visuals what vōx embodies. With it she wanted to show that it’s okay to be vulnerable and it’s okay to say that you care – both internally and externally. “I want to share the strength I’ve found through expression. When I was a teenager music was honestly the only healing thing for me. I was deeply depressed, even to the point of thinking about suicide, but the music I was listening to gave me hope. So if I can give even one person hope through my art, then I’ve really truly succeeded.”

Listen to vōx’s new EP “I was born” here: