Although it seems the nineties just happened yesterday, they are already back in style. While we’re trapped in nostalgia, memories of our childhood and fangirling about boy bands that long ceased to exist, we wanted to share our top five teen movies with you – cause you know, fashion.

5. Empire Records, 1995

This movie gem is about Empire Records, an independent record store about to be sold to a large chain. 18-year-old Liv Tyler(!!), part of the shop’s funky gang of employees, tries to retrieve it from going down the mainstream road.

Empire RecordsEmpire Records 1Empire Records 2Empire Records 3

4. Never Been Kissed, 1999

Drew Barrymore as an insecure copy editor who is sent to school to report undercover for the Chigaco Sun-Times. She never had a real relationship, starts crushing on the English teacher and goes through all that high school drama for the second time.

Never Been KissedNever Been Kissed 1Never Been Kissed 2Never Been Kissed 5

3. The Craft, 1996

Contrary to all the other teeny movies, The Craft is a supernatural thriller about a group of girls from L.A. who are not just outcasts, but pursuing black magic and witchcraft – which brings, you got it, a lot of problems to the story.

The CraftThe Craft 2F-CTJ27351   The Craft 3

2. Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion, 1997

Even though it’s not a real teen movie since Romy and Michele are already in their late twenties, the story about two girls that haven’t achieved anything in life aside from a sassy wardrobe is still funny. Pretty ballsy going on a High School Reunion in these outfits!

Romy And Michelle Romy And Michelle 1  Romy And Michelle 3Romy And Michelle 2

1. Clueless, 1995

Ugh, as if any other teen movie could be our number one! No question: Cher and Dionne are the most stylish high school icons we can think of. If you’re not able to quote them by heart, you definitely should start practicing. No matter which problem you may have in life, Clueless will always have an answer for you – and of course an adequate outfit suggestion, too.

Clueless1995, CLUELESSClueless 2 Clueless 1 Clueless 4

By Bela-Tess Wind