There are probably as many approaches to photography and reasons to take a picture than there’s people with cameras (or smartphones, to be fair) pushing the shutter release. But, we believe, there’s one technical choice about the equipment used that makes a major difference in the process and outcome: digital or analog. However let’s disregard digital for now, because whether it’s a super professional digital single lens reflex or a digital point-and-shoot camera you can always take a few more “to be on the safe side” pictures. With analog photography there’s a lot more effort to make each image unique using the special aesthetic of film, adding a pinch of unpredictability and patina to the photo. Whether it’s a snapshot or a designed composition, it’s someone’s moment of “this, I want to be remembered!”

An analog photograph is like a tale open to personal interpretation. A great example of the power and fascination of analog photography and its way of telling a story is the huge positive response to the Swedish model, now photographer, Lina Scheynuis’ very personal documentation of her painful path in the rather cruel model business. The way her photos let the beholder be part of her most private moments of defeats and sadness, the mundane and the happy parts of her life, is touching as it is beautiful. We put together a set of photos from talented photographers that tell happy, scary and fairy tales:

Dasha Love, U.K.
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Margaret Durow, Wisconsin.
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Michal Brezinsky, Poland.
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Alana Paterson, B.C. Coast.
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Boogie, New York
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La Katerva (that is Carlota and Naya), Barcelona
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Lina Scheynius, London
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Oliver Blohm, Berlin

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By Katharina Nöstlinger