The concept of the slow life is seducing more and more people who believe that taking your time and slowing down your everyday pace is healthier. It also means eating better and looking for a sustainable way of life. We chose some of our favorite sustainable underwear brands with a simple and earth-loving way of being produced. Yes, it does have a certain cost but it’s one that’s worth considering! Pansy Flowers, fruits and girl gangs hanging out in the nature with pastel toned underwear: this is the ambient of the Instagram Account of the eco-brand Pansy. Locally produced in San Francisco, California, Pansy was created by Laura Schoorl and Rachel Corry who were looking for comfortable and sustainable underwear. The brand uses organic cotton with high-rise panties and wireless, simple bras. For Laura, what you wear is just as important as what you eat. So treat your body from the inside as well as from the outside! The brand also proposes a sports line made out of organic cotton too.

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Löv Löv means “leaf” in Swedish and refers here to the very first “underwear” worn by mankind, well by Eva and Adam. Maike Lüdenbach, the German creator of the brand worked in the fashion industry as a model and when she quit for medical reasons, she realized she wanted to create a brand that proposes underwear both comfortable and stylish, by women and for women, that embrace the feminine forms: we are talking no bras that pushes your breasts up or itching, too-tight panties but soft organic cottoned bras or high waisted panties to protect your back and stomach while on your period.  For the label it is important to support women and boost their confidence.”You are the real woman who is admirable and should be celebrated! Our Motto :#LÖVYOURSELF” is the final words to the brand’s Womanifesto.

  Marie Yat Marie Yat was born and raised in Hong Kong and graduated from the Central Saint Martins in London. After working at Hussein Chalayan she decided to dedicate herself entirely to her underwear brand she actually started working on when she was still a student. Her idea was to create an underwear line for women but with a unisex touch without forgetting about femininity. Her underwear is made in China – consciously! – with natural materials such as cotton and silk. The whole image of Marie Yat’s brand aims at cherishing the little things that make us all unique – stretch marks, birth marks or scars. To her underwear is not about the male gaze, it is about feeling good all day and night.

  Brook There Brook grew up on an organic farm and her design studio today, is still located at an organic farming facility. She believes in natural beauty and local production. Her brand Brook There proposes simple underwear with unpadded and wireless bras. She uses real silk and organic cotton produced in South Carolina, dying some of the pieces herself. From the fields to your closet, Brook There tries to minimize its footprint by producing everything in the US, using eco-friendly dyes and as little transportation as possible. Health and environment as much as confidence and comfort are key values to her and her team, which makes the label definitely one of our favorite sustainable underwear brands!

  The Nude Label It’s in Spain, between Valencia and Barcelona, that Ana Alemany and Clara Ropero produce their sustainable underwear line. Creation and production are made locally in a family factory. Both creators come from fashion backgrounds and studied in London. Their goal is to create underwear that feels like a second skin and underlines the natural beauty of the female body using soft cotton and silk. Underwear should be “the woman’s personal armor.”

  Botanica Workshop Conventional cotton production is one of the most polluting farming processes in the world. That’s why Botanica Workshop decided in 2014 to start creating quality products with local artisans and technicians in Los Angeles. They use botanically and minerally derived dyes and colors that are only naturally created. Supporting local farmers and also bringing the idea to the market is essential to the company. They also show the example by being sustainable in their own office, recycling and using second hand supplies. Being timeless and beautiful but most of all eco-friendly is Botanica Workshop’s ultimate goal.