Solange Guggenheim performance


The Guggenheim Museum in New York was the very exclusive and elegant venue Solange Knowles chose to present her latest project, “An Ode To”. The artist choreographed and composed the music to that very special sold-out performance which had the aim to celebrate blackness, and black women in particular.

All the guests were invited to wear white clothes and some of them sat on the floor, for an intimate experience as close to the performers as it was possible. At the entrance the attendees had to give in their cellphones in order to be fully present and focused on the performance.

The show was inspired by “A seat at the table” tackling issues featured in the album through installations, music and dance. It opened with “Scales” – “Cranes in the sky”, “Weary” or “Rise” were also performed and rearranged for the performance to include the dance interludes. All of the dozens of dancers were bare-footed and wore white or skin-toned clothes, with powerful movements they were taking all the space that the Frank Lloyd Wright building has to offer, dancing up and down the impressive architectural spiral – Solange even performed walking through the public and singing to the crowd directly.

At the end of the show Solange encouraged women of color to start “tearing the fucking walls down” and asking for more than allowance and inclusion. Once more Solange proved that she’s the voice our world needs. All pictures taken from Solange‘s Instagram account