SANDRO AW17 Campaign Video Paris


More multi-faceted than ever before, the Sandro AW17 collection embraces a variety of inspirations, blending Victoriana, upper-class British preppy, and modern athleisure elements seamlessly. With the past in mind, and both feet firmly in the present, it’s part nostalgia, part fierce awareness of the now. Beginning with this principle, the French brand has created a collection to dress a woman who knows her style and herself, who, like a curious child, tries everything until she finds her own perfectly personal version of a timeless French wardrobe.

She pairs striking pussy-bow blouses with soft cashmere cardigans to breathe new life into them; she wears heavy pearls over lightweight mesh and simple cotton shirts adorned with floral lace; she contrasts Prince of Wales check with delicate China crepe to unite the masculine and feminine. Luminous velvet runs beside shimmering brocade in the light, the palette a muse on the autumnal: mauve, burgundy, pine green, accompanied by midnight blue.

But this woman is not the kind to sit at home waiting for her sailor to come home from his adventures. Instead, the Sandro woman has her own dreams, following the motto “Girls Can Dream,” that shouts out from sweaters – she has chosen to have no fear, of life, of adventure, instead believing in fate and fortune. With this self-certainty, that leads necessarily to freedom and a refined flair with the looks she creates, she travels the world as if in her very own adventure.

Have a first look at the Sandro AW17 campaign here: