Tired of only hearing about Milan, Paris and New York? Let’s have a look at this giant colorful continent that is too often forgotten about in Western media. Africa is swarming with brilliant young designers that deserve to be shown to the world. And what best way is there today to expend your public and customers? Yes, social media and in the front row, Instagram. Oxosi brings you the best of African fashion from upcoming creatives in the fashion department accross the continent.

Oxosi was founded by two former marketing creatives from New York, Kolade Adeyemo and Akin Adebowale originally coming from Nigeria. To Adeyemo and Adebowale it was important to found a platform that grants more visibility and celebrates young fashion artists across Africa. Both describe their project as “a supreme understanding and appreciation of origin, an almost mania for art by design” on their website. Because before being ‘only’ an Instagram account, Oxosi is a platform created to enable African creatives to sell their pieces as well as being seen on an international level thanks to their online magazine. Brands such as Maki Oh or designer Loza Maleombho are presented in the magazine showing the diversity and the creative energy bowling up on the African continent.

The idea of Oxosi is to display all the different inspirations and the very wide range of influences of what the duo calls “Afromodernism”. To get more intimate with the designers and get to understand their relationship to clothes as well as the act of transforming yourself through clothes, the platform proposes a series of videos entitled “Getting dressed” following the morning rituals – from waking up to being ready for the day – of different creators.

To promote the website and encourage a wider public to get interested in modern African fashion, Oxosi designed a sweatshirt with the slogan “Viva Africa” worn by model Ajak Deng, the face of the campaign.

Although the continent is also inspiring famous brands such as Kenzo which recently teamed up with Nigerian creatives for its latest campaign there is still a long way to go… And Oxosi are proud to be able to be in first line to promote and reveal the talented and fresh faces in the African fashion industry to the world.

All pictures taken from the Oxosi Instagram account