Best friends Patricia Manfield and Renata Di Pace have a unique relationship. They are lucky enough to work together, live next door to each other and to travel across the world in each other’s company. It’s enough to make any pair of friends envious. As a blogger, singer and social media influencer, Manfield’s street style is often in the public eye. She has become known for her post-internet chic style and effortless but classy Instagram aesthetic. Her manager and virtual sister Di Pace has helped her along the way to internet stardom. Here, the pair discuss how they came to work together, their shooting with &Other Stories, what qualities they appreciate in a friendship and what they’ll be getting up to come Valentine’s day.

This dreamy night-cum-day wear capsule collection features 17 pieces, ranging from ready to-wear to accessories. As Manfield and Di Pace are often flitting between cities and countries, the collection uses some of the comfiest materials such as luxe silk blends and soft Tencel to ensure maximum comfort for globetrotters. Accessories such as pom pom slippers, a turban, a dream journal and sleeping masks “enhance the Pyjama inspiration” which come in fantastical hues such as soft pink, creamy white and golden mustard.

This shoot features a pyjama-inspired collection. What are the best things about this trend?

Renata: It’s comfy!! What else?
Patricia: Easy to wear, and the best way to look like you didn’t try too hard. Cause you really didn’t.

What are your favourite pieces or looks from this shoot and why?

R: The white robe. It makes me feel casual and sexy.
P: Absolutely the white robe. It’s silky and feminine.

Patricia Manfield Renata di Pace & Other Stories

Any encouraging tips and tricks for those who are unsure of how they should take sleepwear into daywear?

P: The key is how you style it. Wear sleepwear with a great pair of sneakers, accessorise with a hat and a great coat and lots of jewellery. And then you’ll be looking like a million dollars.

The collection is launching just in time for Valentine’s Day, reminding us to cherish our most important relationships. With this story, we want to highlight friendships. Tell us your story – how did you meet, when and why did you become friends?

R: I met her seven years ago in Napoli, through a friend of a friend. We got closer when I moved to Milan, my apartment being in the same building, on the same floor as hers! What can I say, our friendship was so unexpected, I already knew her, but our relationship was definitely not the one we have today. In the beginning, we were just two friends from the same hometown hanging out in a new and different city. Then, when my partnership with La Perla was over, she asked me during fashion week – by chance – as a test, to help her with fittings and all the rest of the organisation. Since then, I’ve been taking care of her daily business life and slowly becoming her manager. So, it’s not so easy to explain our relationship. Everything happened day after day, step by step. There’s full trust, we want what’s best for each other. I found myself involved in the most precious relationship. There are no words to define a great friend. A great friend is… just a great friend. That’s what the word means.

P: We met in Napoli, where I grew up. We’ve always wanted to become friends, you know when you have that instant synergy with somebody, but it just never was the right time. Our crews were completely different. She moved to Milan a year later than me and we ended up being neighbours. So, we started being together 24/7 and we were literally obsessed with each other. We’d literally make plans only if one or the other was involved in them. I asked her to come work with me because I loved her energy and saw something in her. I was right. Two years later here we are. I consider us a girl-power-duo-team. Our relationship is insane: one minute we’re talking business, one minute we’re drinking wine and work doesn’t exist. It just makes things easier. Ever since I moved to London to finish my album, we can’t wait for job opportunities so we can spend time together. Which is why I loved doing this campaign. We got some quality time.

Patricia Manfield Renata di Pace & Other Stories(14)

Renata, how would you describe Patricia, and your friendship?

I can say that Patricia is the most self-driven person I have ever met. She’s powerful and strong enough to be able to make me find the strength I never knew I had. She’s always believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. Today, she’s a sister, a business partner, a girlfriend, a real friend.

Patricia, how would you describe Renata, and your friendship?

Renata is caring like nobody else I know. She’s humble and determined to get what she wants. Which is why I trust her with my business. But most especially, her best quality is empathy. She would never judge me so I feel like I can be an open book. She’s family to me now, literally one of my favourite people on this whole earth. We’re also so funny together that any bad moment becomes comedy. We turn things around and we’re
always the life of the party too.

Share something about yourself that could be surprising to others?

R: I’m usually very funny but when it comes to work, I get very tough. People usually don’t expect that.
P: I might seem very out there and exuberant but in reality, I’m a freak who writes songs at 3 am in the morning.

We know that you love to travel together. What are the best perks when it comes to travelling with your bestie?

R: Just to be with her, her presence.
P: Telling everybody we’re busy with work when in reality we just want to spend time together. Also, we bring each other breakfast all the time based on who’s had the worst day before.

What fail-proof wardrobe pieces do you always bring on a trip regardless of the occasion?

R: A pair of over-the-knee boots. Leather or any fabric. I’m literally obsessed with them.
P: A well-tailored suit.

Patricia Manfield Renata di Pace & Other Stories

What inspires you creatively?

R: Travelling. I’ve been influenced and inspired in opposite ways by my mom (painter) and my daddy (communication and marketing). I’ve always been inspired by passion in all kinds of fields.
P: Stories. Listening to people’s stories, experiences, heartbreaks or joys.

& Other Stories is an old way of saying “Short Stories”. What’s your most cherished book? And what’s the last book you read?

P: “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur is the last one I read. It’s poetry because I am obsessed with poetry. But my most cherished book is actually “Medea” by Euripide, which is Greek mythology because it made me curious about women’s lives in the past.

Waking up in the morning and adoring what you do is such a luxury. Advice for others who are trying to figure out how to achieve this?

R: Believe in yourself. Try to figure out what you really want to do. Learn everything about it. Be good, maybe a nerd, the first one in your class. You won’t regret it.
P: Don’t pressure yourself thinking you need to figure it out as soon as you’re out of high school. Learn as much as you can about what you hate, then focus on what you love.

Any plans for Valentine’s Day? How would you like to spend it?

R: Of course, waiting for my prince charming on his white horse.
P: I guess Renata and I will be waiting for her prince charming while eating Shake Shack in New York City and realising he’ll never show up.

The collection will be available in & Other Stories’ stores and online at from February 8th, 2018.