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Whilst working on a broadway production of George Orwell’s ”1984”, which debuts in June, Olivia Wilde is now also the new face and chief brand activist for the luxury natural skin-care brand True Botanicals. The actress will play an active role in promoting the brand and its mission. The collaboration with the brand, which will focus on selling nontoxic and bio-active products, is more than just a job for Wilde – it is an extensive and political responsibility how she revealed in an exclusive interview with WWD: “It’s up to us in this country to regulate what we’re using because we cannot trust the government to regulate them in a safe way.” By choosing an organic, bioactive safely produced beauty brand, the actress sets an example and turns away from her last advertising job as the face of Revlon. She describes her new working goals as the chief brand activist of True Botanicals as a “very different experience”. Revlon, as a massive global brand, founded in 1932, stands in contrast to “trying to change the game like True Botanicals.”

True Botanicals is very happy about the collaboration: “With Olivia’s support, we can tell the story and show that businesses can be profitable and benefit the health of everyone involved — and the environment. She really cares as much as we do about helping to change the industry, and we’ll look for innovative ways to do that together.” As a mother of two children, Otis (3) and Daisy (7 months), Wilde has a really optimistic way of thinking about future the skin care: “This is the generation that will change this. Our kids won’t have to worry about this stuff — they’ll look back and say, ‘I can’t believe you guys were slathering that stuff on your skin.” Hopefully she is right and her being part in this revolution helps motivate a change for the better.

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