In the ideal world the topic of racial discrimination wouldn’t be a subject, but hey the world isn’t ideal and this topic is still very relevant. It’s truly disappointing that in 2017 we still find ourselves watching the runway shows, seeing the gorgeous eye-catching garments worn by predominantly white models. It seems that most designers tend to cast one model of color to their show that they’re “diverse” which is definitely not the case, it shouldn’t be a MUST, or “tokens” it should be the norm. While trying to figure out the reasoning for this we find ourselves totally stuck, it’s not as if there is a limited amount of models of color to choose from and it’s not that we’re trying to call out every single designer for being racist but we really can’t get our heads around this casting. According to The Fashion Spot in 2016 only 25% of models of color were casted in runway shows in New York, Milan, London and Paris, which is more than previous years but still nothing to light fireworks for.

With this case being so important we’d like to take this moment to introduce you to modelsofcolor, an Instagram account posting models from various non-white backgrounds. This platform advocates equality within the fashion industry, giving those casting directors out there images of gorgeous girls who should be given the opportunity like any others.

Look out for familiar faces on moremodelsofcolor such as top model Imaan Hammam, Insta-star Salem Mitchell and former INDIE magazine cover star Manami Kinoshita.

Manami Kinoshita

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14 % models of color and 86% white models… Stop using models of color as tokens.

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Naki Depass

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