Blanca Miró verbindet Kubismus mit Social Media-Realität – bildende Kunst mit Fotografie und Selbstinszenierung. In Zeiten von Instagram und Snapchat bilden soziale Plattformen einen dritten, erweiternden Malerarm und machen Ideenfindung und Inspiration greifbar. Die spanische Künstlerin nutzt die Leinwand, ihren Körper und Zeitgeist-Medien um ihrem künstlerischen Ausdruck eine Plattform zu geben und erschafft dabei bunt-hedonistische Autobiografien – mit Wein, Früchten und Brüsten. Blanca hat mit MATERIAL GIRL über Mode, Tattoos und halb-illegale Bars geredet.

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Are the subjects of your art autobiographical?
Well sometimes they are. The most autobiographical works I have are comics, specially an animated short film I made a year ago called “Confuçao”. You can see it in my Vimeo account. I’m usually and mostly driven by what I feel visual pleasant.

You are really active on Instagram. What kind of influence do you think Social Media can have on art?
Mostly I feel the influence in matters of format. The fact that Instagram only allows you to post a 15 second video conditions you when you are making it. Or when you look at your general time line, your feed, and see all your pictures together it makes you want to create a chromatic harmony. Or like when someone posts 3 photos in a row. That’s how I think Social Media influences our way of sharing our work and personal life. On the other hand there is also the public’s feedback. Sometimes you post things you are very proud of and they don’t work. To know what has good criticisms even though you are fighting against them always ends up influencing us in some way.

Is there an artist – dead or alive – you would absolutely love to hang out with?
I always separate the artwork from the person. Per example, Picasso was a complete dick head but I would have loved to see him at work. Joan Miró was a methodical maniac of few words. However Ray and Charles Eams give me very good vibes as persons and inspire me a lot at a dual level as artistic and loving partners.







I love your ironical Bikini-Concept Series, what’s your relation towards fashion?
The Bikini Concept started because my friend Claire O’Keefe (photographer) sent me a picture of herself with a painted bikini made out of a green clay face mask. I thought it was so funny that I did the same and sent it to her. Since then we started to send each other pictures of bikinis made out of materials of daily usage. Claire is also a stylist and studied fashion design for a few years. On my side, my father was a quite acclaimed fashion designer in Spain and Europe in the 80’s so I grew up surrounded by fashion shows and collections.

If you had to give up one way of expressing yourself, would it be the fine arts or 
photography? I don’t like limiting myself but obviously the fine arts are my ground. Photography is very important to document my work or to capture ideas that inspire me. But I still prefer video than photo, it’s much more complete and I always enjoy the process when I make short films or animation.

Your motives would be perfect for tattooing and you already have gotten a few inquiries about that. How do you feel, when people want to get your work tatooed?
The truth is that it makes me very happy. It’s very flattering to see that my work is liked to the point that someone wants to have it tattooed on their skin. I don’t have any tattoos so I’m not very into the arts and trends of tattoos but I do feel that these minimalistic illustrations can work very well for tattoos because they are discreet.






Your secret favourite place in Madrid?
I prefer to mention a place in Barcelona. A bar called ‘Can Lluis’ where anything is possible. You can get up on the tables, get naked, choose your own music and do anything legal or illegal you can imagine. I really don’t know how they manage to keep it open. What I like about the place is how everyone liberates themselves there and they do things that they would never do in the bar that’s just in front.

What do you usually bring to a dinner-party?
I won’t be eccentric so I’ll be very honest with this one, my Iphone.

Do you have a master-plan in mind or do you just see where it takes you?
In my case I always prefer to let it flow. I’m not one of those persons that plan ahead, I like the adventure and I let life take it’s course.



Auf Blancas Webseite und ihrem Instagram gibt es noch mehr von ihr zu sehen!

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