Yesterday’s Instagram announcement from Kim Kardashian West may have been cryptic, but the message was clear: the star is launching her own beauty line. Though the posts left much to the imagination, only revealing a tag to the brands Insta page, a website, and the launch date – 21/06/17 – guessing what might be in store for us is easy. Kardashian almost single-handedly brought contouring to the masses with her etherial glow, monotoned nudes, and blinding highlight spawning dozens of copycats and beauty trends alike
This is not the first time she has entered the beauty scene however, in the past the three eldest Kardashian sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney brought out Khroma Beauty, which was then changed to Kardashian Beauty, and then flopped… But Kim’s 101 million strong Instagram following and the fact that the KKWbeauty account has already garnered 51.4 thousand followers since the announcement was made only 14 hours ago, leads us to predict another resounding success for the Kardashian empire.
Until July 21st we will be dreaming of dewy caramel hues and that Kim K luminosity.


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Images courtesy of Kim Kardashian