Taking pictures has become the default way to navigate our reality, however, there are some individuals who seem to have a real knack for immortalising fleeting moments with style and perspective. Case in point: Ivania Carpio, who founded her web log Love Aesthetics, before the new generation of bloggers had even heard of Instagram. “ Having a blog definitely didn’t make you part of the industry back then, or at least that’s what everyone, including myself, believed. We were just putting stuff online.” With her minimalist style, creative DIY tips, refined simplicity, and artistic photographs Carpio developed a unique characteristic that quickly escalated into an outstanding business.

Today, Carpio’s business showcases collaborations with Maison Margiela and Comme des Garçons, guest curations for Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio and an ever extending ‘atelier’ line. It’s not surprising to hear, that Carpio’s mind is a little restless, especially at night and in the early morning hours when there is no sense of time. “Making something is like magic! It is a gift to be able to imagine things inside our heads that do not yet exist and then bring them into physical reality. Isn’t this the definition of magic? I am so happy to be able to work for myself and don’t have to deal with proving myself to management.”


Although Carpio calls the shots, she still feels the injustices of a woman working in a male-dominated workspace: “The statistics are depressing. Women have it much harder in the workplace and are grossly underrepresented at the top in almost every field, especially art and fashion.”Activism calls loudly and clearly from within the Carpio family, her mother was an activist and diplomat, and her father studied journalism. Together, her parents encouraged Carpio to find a voice and to produce work with purpose.

Carpio tries to surround herself with people she loves, and therefore it feels only natural for her to have joined forces with her partner Romeo Pokomasse, and brother Jos Carpio.“There is a certain kind of honesty and openness at the office. You spend so much time of your life working, you might as well work with friends, right? ”

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