We definitely have a crush on independent business women. In case they are involved in the fashion scene our hearts beat even faster. Fanny Moizant is one of those incredibly passionate and successful super women: she’s the co-founder and brand & communication director of designer resale site Vestiaire Collective. Every day she gives high fashion favorites a new home, a new life. Love it.

Can you tell us about some of the memories of your mother’s fashion boutique and how it influenced what you are doing today?

I always loved fashion. When I was a child it felt like being in a sweets store when I was standing with my mother in her boutique. I learned so much from her: Watching her work, being integrated in anything, opening new deliveries and selling it. I learned that it’s only you who can make your business become a success – I realized that in my childhood and live it till today.

How do you see the concept of “Wardrobe Detox” influencing the next generation of shoppers?

Our lifestyle is completely different to our grandmother’s. That generation bought a coat and wore it for the next years – and we buy like 1 or 2 coats every season! The speed of our consumption increased during the last years. Regular “Wardrobe Detoxing” is the answer to this new lifestyle. Women definitely realized that they have to clear their wardrobes out to unfold their real style. That’s something they will teach the following generations.

Do you have any specific luxury pieces that you sold and particularly missed or felt you did not make a good deal? If so what advise can you give shoppers on making the right trade? 

I never missed anything that I sold – I actually had to sell every piece to make space for something new. I sell to re-invest. Shopping tip: You should know the brand very well, especially the sizes that can vary extremely. Be sure that you have enough information about that brand to be happy after your buy. Get an alert at Vestiaire Collective to never miss a piece you were looking for for a long time. When you find your favorite piece don’t hesitate to buy – the models can be sold out very quickly. One Hermès Birkin Bag was sold after 17 seconds.


Which season and brands excite you the most when it comes to what one can find on the Vestiaire Collective? Any particular item you are currently chasing?

Every day I find great pieces on our website. Every day there’s something new that I’d like to put on my wish list urgently. At the moment I’m looking for the perfect Céline oversized coat and I have an alert for a Chanel watch that I’m dreaming of for months.

You have recently re-located from Paris to London, what were challenges you were faced whilst making this move?

It takes a while to get used to a new culture and the London lifestyle – however I really love London by now! One of the reasons I moved to London was to strengthen our company and to adjust it to the UK market. We want to be as close as possible to the buyers, sellers and the community to be able to understand their behaviors that are so different to those of the French people.


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