Emma S. is a Swedish skincare brand owned and run by the founders Emma Wiklund and Nora Larssen. Emma S. Wiklund is a Swedish former top model and actress that belonged to the 90’s era. Covering for many major fashion magazines including German Vogue and Haper’s Bazaar, Emma possessed a job that required perfect skin. “In the 90s it wasn’t possible to photoshop pictures as you do today, and therefore your skin had to be flawless. It became one of my most important tools for my work,” says Emma.

The brand is developed based on the kind of skincare that Emma herself used when she lived in Paris as it was recommended by a French dermatologist. It combines the best of science and nature- where every product has a reason for being. Emma S. skincare was launched in Sweden in 2010 and is now one of the fastest growing skincare brands in Sweden. So, Material decided to ask Emma herself, why her skincare range should be in our next wish basket:

Do you have any tips on how to keep our skin looking and feeling fresh, now that the colder seasons are approaching?

Once a week I use my 1-minute enzyme peel to remove dead skin cells and any kind of dryness on my skin. It’s a great way to prepare my skin for other skincare products. During the colder season, I also love using my sensitive oil serum either alone before my day and night cream or just mix it up with my cream to add more moisture and oils. If my skin feels dry, I make sure to use more cream.

Did you struggle with maintaining and finding the perfect skin range for you when you were a professional model?

Yes I did. As a model, you really had to have perfect skin and taking makeup on and off, a lot of airplanes and sometimes very long days were really challenging for my skin. I got in touch with a dermatologist in Paris and she helped me finding products with safe and efficient ingredients that didn’t challenge my skin too much. I found them in the French pharmacies and they really worked well for me.

Emma Wiklund Skincare

How has your perception on beauty changed throughout the years- in comparison to when you were modelling in the 90’s?

Beauty to me in the 90s was more about changing looks depending on what I did. It was playful and I definitely used more makeup. My skin was my tool and it was really important to keep it in great shape. Today when I am a bit older I am much more interested in a beautiful complexion, healthy glow, not wrinkle free but alive. I use less makeup and I love the effects of good skincare. I am always looking at K-beauty with great interest.

Do you find taking care of your skin challenging?

Not really. I am used to a good skincare routine with cleansing, peeling, serum, eye creams and moisturisers. Today if my skin is tired it usually depends on stress, not eating well or little sleep.

Do you rely solely on your skin care range to keep you feeling healthy- or is maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise a part of your recipe too?

Absolutely. My skincare series is just one part of a skincare regime and it takes care of the surface. Real skincare comes from the inside. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and we need to take care of it. To me working out 3-4 times a week is essential to maintain a great healthy skin. Yoga, sleep and good food as well. But I also believe that having fun, love, laugh and a nice glass of wine is just as important. If I am unhappy or going through something tough in my life, you can see it on my skin.

Do you think that being a supermodel and actress in the 1990’s in Sweden has impacted how you view and understand beauty?

Yes. When you work as a model and actress you are constantly being looked at and judged, which can be hard sometimes when you are a young girl. You tend to think that it’s all about looks. Today I understand much better that beauty is so much more than perfect skin or a perfect body. Your charisma, energy and your way of approaching life is what really makes you glow. And a great serum of course…

Emma Wiklund Skincare

What is the one product that Emma S. sells that you would struggle to live without and why is it your biggest necessity?

That would have to be my treatment enzyme peel, because it really keeps my skin in good balance and healthy looking. It contains AHA- and BHA- acids and you only need to use it 1 minute once a week. That AND a great moisturiser depending on your skin condition.

What ingredients do most of your products contain to radiate healthy skin?

Highly efficient moisturisers like Hyaluronic acid and Fucogel, and natural oils such as Meadow foam seed oil, Canola oil and Shea fruit oil. And of course AHA- and BHA acids in my peeling and also the mineral pigments in my anti-age series Ageless. It really gives your skin an extra glow.

Emma Wiklund Skincare