This L.A. based artist’s Instagram is visual Prozac, we swear to god! Especially that grey time of the year, when it feels like the only way through the day is tucked in the blanket, the morning routine of swiping through Instagram and Alia’s colorful posts of her paintings, collages and photos, will work magic. This woman of oh so many talents is not only brilliant at what people might call fine art, but also at anything fashion. Every here and there you will find an outfit post of her wearing trippy skirts and mushroom-pompom hats that make the rest of the feed look like regular “at the office” or “lazy Sunday” material. Also she drew on a horse for Ladyhawke’s music video “Blue Eyes”. With all this colors, a little self-staging now and then, kitty cats and unicorns, Alia Penner may be the Frida Kahlo of Instagram. No more happy pills, only art!

Take a trip to wonderland and look at some of our favorites.

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All pictures from @alia_pop

By Katharina Nöstlinger

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