Patty Perreira ist eine der Frauen, die es geschafft haben ihren Traum in die Realität umzusetzen. Gemeinsam mit Bill Barton gründete sie 2007 ihr eigenes Brillenlabel Barton Perreira, das sich auf in Japan handgefertigte Brillenmode spezialisiert. Ihr Verlangen unabhängig sein zu wollen und sich dabei selbst und ihrer Kreativität treu zu bleiben, macht die Marke zu dem, was sie heute ist und beweist außerdem, dass LA mehr als nur Sonne, Strand und Meer zu bieten hat.

Can you tell us what makes Barton Perreira glasses so special?

Our passion, focus and commitment. Barton Perreira is a “true” luxury eyewear brand. We are one of the few eyewear brands today that is 100 % hand made in Japan, I believe the craftspeople in Japan are the best in the world. They do not cut corners and have a relentless and impeccable devotion to their craft. They understand that there is perfection in simplicity.


How did you come to the idea of starting your own label?

My desire to be independent. I wanted to remain creative and true to what inspires me. Bill Barton and I shared a vision to create an eyewear label that would represent a new time, quality and culture. Eyewear is our passion and we felt the time was right to join forces and create our own brand.

Our latest issue is all about empowerment. Did you find it difficult as a female entrepreneur to make a name for yourself with the business?

I learned that fashion and style are forms of self-expression at an early age. I never really decided to become a designer, it just happened naturally in somewhat of an organic way. It was somewhat difficult to make a name for myself when I worked for other labels. However, once we launched Barton Perreira, I garnered immediate love and attention from retailers, stylists and editors. It was and still is an amazing feeling.


How could we imagine your work atmosphere?

My studio/loft has a bit of a mid-century indoor-outdoor feel which I love. It also has beautiful natural lighting and it’s close to the beach. I love what I do and I love the flexibility and freedom I have working from home. I can work any time of day or night, it’s quite liberating.

Which occasion fits best for wearing a pair of your glasses.

Any and all occasions really. There is much diversity within the collection. It is important to be true to your individual style and wear what suits you. Style is what you create, not what you follow.