For this week’s #GirlGram we’re keeping it close with a girl out of our beloved Berlin. She’s founded the up and coming female powerhouse blog Musas Musas, we’re talking about @albina.haximusa! We got talking to the stylish 29 year old on her background, thoughts on social media influence and much much more…

Tell us a bit about your background?
I was born in Prishtina, capital of the youngest state Kosovo. My parents came to Germany in 1991 as refugees, at that time I was 3 years old. I spend my first 14 years in Germany as a refugee not knowing whether im legal or illegal in this country. I grew up in uncertain times, in a small German village where everybody knew me although I didn’t know them. I was the “outsider” so I had to work harder for good grades in school than the others, which I wouldn’t really see as a bad thing.

Best thing about living in Berlin?
It’s multicultural and big. I like the idea of getting lost here if you’re not careful enough. That’s what makes Berlin so exciting.

If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be?
I don’t think I’ve seen enough places in the world but I know I always wanted to live close to my family. Home is where my family is. 

Favorite form of social media?
I like Instagram but I love a good snapchat-story and according to my friends my snapchat game is stroooong! Let’s see what the future brings, because Instagram just got a new update – snapstagram!

Tips to take the perfect selfie?
Make sure you hold that thing way up, so your whole face gets covered in light!

Are you phased by how many followers you have?
Sometimes but then again not really, although I should be, considering the benefits you get out of it. But still I can’t act like other professional Instagram girls, I can’t pretend to be something I’m not, just to get my followings up. I might be too old-fashioned for that.

Name one Instagram account we should definitely check out & why…
@Bob_Sala aka Marvin Kleinemeier a very talented photographer who takes you back to boogie-woogie times. He creates pictures with a 70’s vibe and if your stuck in Woodstock too, you’re gonna love his work!

Who is your biggest Insta-crush?
The British singer @dualipa, I came across her feed years ago and was blinded by her beauty. Not only is she a very beautiful young woman but also a very talented singer, her voice is so unique … and, I won’t lie but I’m pretty proud she is from Kosovo, too.

What does feminism mean to you?
I remember sitting next to my mum with all those other women from Albania during tough times in the small refugee apartments. In uncertain times they empowered each other, created a strong cohesion and gave each other hope. They shared their knowledge so that all of them would profit to make it out of their crises. Some of them were single mothers. Being a woman I always connected with a whole lot of strength, I saw my mum working hard doing overtime just like my father. There was no such thing as un-equality. Feminism for me is not just sharing the same rights but also sharing experiences, knowledge, power, being able to do everything you can to accomplish your goals.

Before the end of the year you plan to….
Jeez! I might be married by the end of the year lol..I don’t know, I’m a spontaneous and free spirit, what happens by the end of the year only god knows.

By Olive Duran