Since everyone is calling themselves “photographer” these days, we’re more than excited when a real artist’s work finds its way to our eyes. Speaking of artistry and not just photography, Alexandra Valenti is somebody we didn’t want you to miss when it comes to your Instagram feed. Even though the girl from Texas has been shooting professionally for only five years, she has already made a name for herself when it comes to cross-border concepts for album covers, lookbooks and fashion editorials. Inspired by the beauty of nature and Tibetan Buddhism, her colorful hand painted photographs bring a vibrating psychedelic energy with them, reflecting Alexandra’s higher self in a meditative space. For all of you who can’t get enough of it, she’s luckily selling some of her original works online, too.

Alexandra Valenti 2

Alexandra Valenti 3

Alexandra Valenti 4

Alexandra Valenti 5

Alexandra Valenti 6

Alexandra Valenti 7

Alexandra Valenti 8

Alexandra Valenti 9

All pictures by @alexandravalenti

By Bela-Tess Wind