We decided to bring back the #GIRLGRAM! And for those of you who do not remember, every week we browse through thousands of gals to find a new inspiring insta- favorite to interview and feature. This week we got in touch with the 26 year old model, actor and film maker @_MOUNATRAORE who shares her social media insights…

What’s the best thing about living in Toronto?

The best thing about living in Toronto is the food. We are literally the most diverse city in the world and we have such incredible restaurants! You can find every kind of cuisine, and all kinds of combinations. One of my favourites is  a Chinese-Jamaican restaurant called Patois.

If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be and why?

I would live on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. I love the Mediterranean and I always fantasize about giving everything up to live a more simple life by the beach. People are so easy going and family oriented there. I love it.

Favorite form of social media?


Are you phased by how many followers you have?

Sometimes! I wish I had more followers but I don’t do much to try to gain interest from other users. I used to try harder, but I’m too busy to care right now.

Name one Instagram account we should definitely check out & why?

@willyverse – my friend William Ukoh is an incredible photographer and visual artist. I find his images, especially those of people of colour to be so delightful and surreal. His whole feed has an innocent playful dreamlike quality to it.

Who is your biggest Insta-crush?

Omg… I have so many. I guess right now @ajsaudin. He’s from Toronto and I met him a few years ago when he was still a teenager. Let’s just say he’s grown up. 0-100 real quick He looks yummy AF!


Ein von M O U N A (@_mounatraore) gepostetes Foto am

It is said that word Feminism has lost it’s meaning, what does Feminism  mean to you To me, feminism means being self determined and self defined without being limited by notions of gender or sex. For men and women to be equally supported in how they express themselves socially, economically and politically.

Before the end of the year you plan to….

Have sex. Good sex. That would be great.

By Olive Duran

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