It’s press days high season and we currently not only get to browse all local showrooms but were even invited to Amsterdam to see what Diesel is cooking up next season!

We were greeted by a cool desert vibe, as next spring/summer season is inspired by the home of the brave, road trips, rough landscapes and freedomfreedomfreedom…IMG_7107

Fancy some boots to hike along the Grand Canyon?IMG_7103

Or are you more a Thelma and Louise kinda gal…?IMG_7104

… Or a rodeo chick…IMG_7106

or rather an LA city girl?IMG_7105

We got to ponder about these questions at lunch – the most incredible edible desert landscape, as delicious as it was pretty.IMG_7110

And besides new fashion cravings we were left with a heavy yearning for this very item: the moon coffee table by Diesel Home:IMG_7112

How to treat yourself after a night of fancy wining, dining and enjoying to chat with Europe’s a-list fashion editors? Breakfast in bed…IMG_7111


But let’s cruise all the way back to Germany and fittingly start with the new collaboration between MCM and artist Stefan Strumbel, known for his flashy street art interpretation of folksy all-German motifs. A little kitsch never hurt nobody, as Beyoncé would put it. Foto 1

Cuckoo clock on raver backpack – black forest native Strumbel likes to spread the homeland love!Foto 2


Speaking of love, MCM’s leather pets stole our hearts. Not entirely sure if sales on bags (even as tiny as the new backpack size or mini purses) wouldn’t drop tremendously if these went on sale in all shops….



So let’s stay in the leather section and parade those shoes that are made for loving: Metallic coated Keds!


 And for more frosting on your shoe cupcake: Marie Antoinette dreams (and some matchy sneaky snakey treasures below) at Navy BootIMG_7204IMG_7205


Pearls before – and out of – reptiles, a never ending stream of happiness by Pierre Lang:IMG_7207


More news from the fancy side of life: Jimmy Choo’s spike clutch and golden espadrilles.IMG_7209


Always perfectly balancing out sports and style: Lacoste!IMG_7208IMG_7210


Inspired by Japanese street style (and European rain), this storm-resistent shoulder bag by Superdry.IMG_7211

Luckily Y3 offers the perfect shoe match for Japanese street style goddesses.IMG_7213


We’re not only looking at things, we’re also listening to some: Like Lily & Madeleine, two lovely girls from Indianapolis, and their new record  “Fumes”.IMG_7101

All pictures taken with the new Sony Xperia Z3.