Natural make-up, freckles and the best chic/casual outfits: Lena Lademann is one of Germany’s most influential bloggers. She co-founded Blogger Bazaar in 2013, a blog about fashion, beauty and trends. The Hamburg-based blogger decided to go solo and is now running her own business Lena Lademann. She masters the art of mixing  elegant pieces with more comfortable wear like no other. A huge fan of heels and long trench coats, she however isn’t afraid to put on some more practical flats and jeans too. We had a chat with Lena about her fashion secrets and her first ever style memory.

What’s your favorite trend at the moment?
Casual sporty chic with some hoodie and high heeled boots for example.

What is your first fashion memory? 
When I was 5 and tried to convince my mum that a pink leggings indeed goes perfectly well with a bright red T-shirt!

Who is your all time fashion icon? 
That’s something I really never had. This ONE person who was an icon for me. But I generally love the style of simple, timeless and effortless chic which might also be Audrey Hepburn only wearing a pair of jeans and a trench coat..

What piece of clothes makes you feel strong? 
High heeled boots and a nice coat.

Why is fashion important to you today? 
Because you can express yourself by it 100%.

Is fashion political to you? 
If you want to can make fashion political but it does not neccessarily have to. If you are willing of course you can wear statement sweaters with a message or only wear brands who represent a certain political attitude but I think fashion can only also be seen as fashion. As something beautiful to look at. On the other side certain trends in fashion have always been coming along with the society’s standing and attitude resulting of politics and economy.

What is the playlist to your closet? 
Classical music with some nice Jazz and beats in between.

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve been ever given?
Less is more. Always dress down and not up.

Lena Lademann is wearing Balenciaga, Escada, Ganni, Lala Berlin, Sandro & Netaporter // all photos by Torne Velk.