Though thinking about fashion one might assume it must be an industry full of constant novelties, designers are expected to present a whole new idea of what we should wear every few months after all, the reality of mainstream fashion has long contained a lot less boundary pushing. A fact that recently seems to have experienced quite the change, as fashion and technology started to get more and more intertwined, and that quickly gained a lot of attention with brands and the industry alike focusing on the development of the future of fashion. One of the steps along the way of highlighting and promoting more innovation have been the Fashion Futures Awards, launched in 2015, which just announced their nominees for the 2017 edition.

Chosen by a judging panel consisting of various industry professionals, like members of the British Fashion Council or Sheena Sauvaire, the chief marketing officer at Topshop, this year’s shortlist reads names like Burberry, H&M, Gap, Agent Provocateur, or British Vogue. And while we more than anything think showcasing forward-thinking talent and norm-changing brands is extremely important, we couldn’t help but wish for more brands truly embracing those aspects amongst the nominees.

When thinking about innovation, what comes to our minds are Iris Van Herpen 3-D printing her couture dresses, Adidas manufacturing shoes out of ocean waste, or Bruno Pieters and his label Honest By completely laying open their production costs and price calculations for the consumer to see. What we envision as the future of fashion is transparency, sustainability, and embracing all aspects fashion and its connected fields hold. Although British Vogue naming Edward Enninful their new editor in chief, which makes the former fashion director of W Magazine the first ever male and black editor in chief of the magazine, and H&M frequently releasing a Conscious Collection definitely are moves the fashion industry needs, shouldn’t such progressions be seen as the norm, not the outstanding, by now?

Header Image via Edward Enninful Official Instagram, taken by Ashley Brokaw