We kinda have a love-hate relationship with the wonderful webshop Its beautiful aesthetic and well curated garments are the reason we just can eat dry bread for the rest of the month. But who cares? Our wardrobe definitely not. Franziska Nellessen is one of EDITED’s essential key figures. She’s the Hamburg based mastermind behind the shop’s whole appearance. No wonder that we wanted to know what a business-power-woman like her is doing in her free time, what a day in her work life looks like and what must have pieces are indispensable for summer.

You’re’s Head of Content and Communication. What does that exactly mean? What are you doing?

I am taking care of various kinds of divisions such as PR, social media, marketing, graphic design, editorial shootings as well as the EDITED content in whole. More or less everything that we produce (#EDITEDpaper, packaging, advertising etc.) goes through me.

Does something like a “typical day” exist in your working life? How can we imagine it?

One of the things I love about my job is that no day is like the other. I get to work on lots of different projects and areas almost every day.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Working on different and new projects, co-operations, events and campaigns, meeting new people and travelling.

And what would you like to change?

I would like to change the perception that most people have on fashion as a career. My job is not all about shopping and trying on clothes. The business is very competitive and we work long hours.


What does a power woman like you do in her free time?

I wouldn`t consider myself a power woman, but I try to sustain a healthy life balance through sports like Yoga and Bodymethod. I love going for walks, meeting friends, going out and enjoying life. is a start up that’s really new in the game. Nevertheless it’s already very successful, how would you explain that?

First of all, EDITED is primarily an IT company and only secondly a fashion business. Regarding having started as a pure online player, our company structure is built differently from classic fashion businesses. Our team is very diverse and covers experts from different disciplines with a variety of skills. Right from the beginning we put a strong focus on our target group via PR, social media and marketing. We really try to stand out in terms of curated content, a pre-selected assortment and inspiring fashion editorials in order to give our customers the best fashion and shopping expierence – not overburdening them with information and products. Being able to offer our own brand #EDITEDthelabel made it a lot easier for us to show our customers, what we stand for: high-quality fashion at an affordable price-point.

What are your 3 must have pieces for summer?

I am totally into Espadrilles for summer. I love the black and white ones with golden studs from Rebecca Minkoff that we carry. Then of course I am into everything with fringes, e.g. our EDITED the label leather jacket “Franziska”. My must have piece number three would have to be a nice pair of flared jeans, assembling the 70s trend at its best.


Working in fashion can be a hard thing. Which skills/features/qualities are indispensable for being successful?

I think like everywhere, it is not enough to be an expert in your own field. You have to understand the business as a whole including all processes, that make this business work. Social skills and the ability to adapt to frequently changing requirements for your work are vital.

Do you have a role model or someone who influences you a lot?

I would say my friends and family influence me a lot. A lof them work in the fashion industry so it’s pretty common that we brainstorm often. Other than that, I always try to be the best version of me and use all experiences I made as an intern or assistant – good or bad – to be a better team leader.

What’s your goal in life?

I don`t have one big goal in life like becoming the Bundeskanzlerin or anything. I do have a lot of smaller goals and I am trying to move forward and evolve step by step.

Do you want to stay in Hamburg or could you imagine moving to another city?

I love Hamburg, but I would definitely consider living in Berlin or New York again.


In which way do “business-Franziska” and “free-time-Franziska” differ?

That`s a hard one. My job accompanies me almost all of the time. Weather I visit an exhibition, go out with friends or browse through blogs and social media: I always have one eye on what could be interesting for EDITED.

Which song do you listen to, when you have to calm down?

Paradoxical “All day” by Kanye West totally relaxes me. 

Which film do you watch, when you need a good feeling?

I think, I would prefer watching some episodes of Sex and the City. It is the best.


Which photographer inspires you the most?

We do work with a variety of fashion photographers. I personally love working with Ronald Dick. He`s fun and relaxed. I do find the work of Tim Walker inspiring, it is so artistic and beautifully composed.

Which book made you cry?

Shantaram and Die Leiden des jungen Werthers.

Which designer/brand fascinates you?

Right from the start I have been a big fan of Stella McCartney. Being a vegetarian, I really appreciate her take on fake fur and non-leather products. New in the game, but just beautiful and almost affordable is MSGM.

How could one imagine your dream Sunday?

A perfect Sunday would start with sleeping in, having a nice breakfast or brunch in one of my favorite cafés and after that relaxing on the couch while watching a football talk show with my boyfriend. In the afternoon I generally go for a walk or visit an exhibition then do a Yoga class in the evening.


By Marieke Fischer