In 2016 Tiphaine Guiran took the first steps towards creating a sustainable, ethical and quality garment brand labeled DAILYNUE. Prompted by Generation Y’s attitude toward fast fashion, Tiphaine has filled a niche in the Parisian fashion market for timeless classic wardrobe staples made from quality materials at an affordable price. Material spoke to the young French designer about her approach to purchasing ethically, the importance of quality fabric and how her designs celebrate the nude female body.

What prompted you to start your own brand?

The desire to be independent, to experiment around my own aesthetic and to defend my own ethics.

 What does sustainability mean to you?

Another way of consuming, thinking and living. A way forward which we should all now transition. Buying your products, quality and durability. Apart from the fact that it is a good thing for us, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

What is the most challenging aspect of developing a brand?

Creating pieces that people will never get tired of thanks to their design, comfort and quality.

Who is your customer?

My costumer is an authentic and committed woman, who goes beyond all aspects of her life, including what she is wearing.

How important is fabric quality to you?

You can not lie with the fabric, the feeling between our skin and our clothes is essential and it has to feel incredible. I’ve worked with traditional silk because of this amazing fluidity and softness. Next I’m planning on using some super-soft cashmere jersey and wool flannel from Italy and England. I focus on natural fibers and where they come from, each country has its specialty.

Where do you see the fashion industry going in the future?

Well hopefully in a slowed down process, with pieces of clothing.

Do you feel Paris is a good place for young designers?

I think it’s a good idea to be a designer in Paris. But at the same time, it’s stimulating and you can meet so many inspiring people easily. I have lots of great collaborations and new projects. The only thing is that for me, Paris is very late about the question of sustainability and interest in all areas, but that’s why we are going to change!

What is something you want?

Actually nothing, I am glad that I’m very spontaneous, that I follow my instinct and forgetting my hesitations. The most difficult is to start and I am very happy to have succeeded without changing my mind a thousand times, like I usually do. Now everything has been done !   

How do you celebrate the female body in your designs?

I tried to accentuate the magnificence of the female body. My challenge is to make me feel better. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? Still developing Daily Nue?

Yes! Keeping the same mentality, with the help of a great team and a great stockist. So, if you’re looking for something new, you’ll be able to do it.

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