From the 23rd to 27th of April, the „International Festival of Fashion and Photography“ found place at Hyères, a seaport in South France. It was the 30th time creative talents presented their work in front of a professional jury to win one of the prizes. This time, Anna Bornhold, a 32-year old designer from Oldenburg, made the cut for the highly requested „Chloé Award“ and a three-year contract. Even though Bornhold studied art in the first place, she quickly became aware of her fervor for fashion and has won several international fashion prizes ever since – which may be because she’s looking at fashion from an unlike angle. Her DNA as a designer is all about patchwork pieces made out of differently textured materials, bright colors and a modern, punky-elegant attitude. Besides of being a genius when it comes to fabrics, Anna is pretty humble, too. When asked about what the world needs to know about her by an interviewer from i-D magazine, she simply answered „I’m actually common-or-garden and interested in boring stuff.“ As long as her creations don’t turn boring, we’re cool with that!

Anna Bornhold Chloé



Photos by i-D, Not Just A Label, The Minimalista and Chloé

By Bela-Tess Wind